Why #portcity?

Port OverviewWhere our city begins.

Those four words sum up Port Saint John perfectly.

The Port is Saint John’s oldest industry. The harbour and surrounding infrastructure is a centerpiece for the city and a cornerstone of our economy.

After 400 years, the Port is still going strong. But, even cornerstones need to shift as the world does.

Port Saint John is a transportation and tourism hub, a place where coming and going vessels signify economic prosperity. Still, we’ve evolved into much more. Port Saint John plays a role in community development.

Saint John is a vibrant, social community – particularly online. Check Twitter or Facebook on any given day and you’ll see locals engaging with fellow community members and trying to make the city a better place.

Media Badger, an innovative research firm, has conducted their Atlantic Conversations study on social media for the past five years. Their results show just how much social media engagement is growing in Atlantic Canada. They also discovered Saint John is one of the most engaged communities on this coast. People aren’t just using social networks to socialize, they’re using this powerful tool to spark change, make a difference and generate discussion.

Port Saint John wants to be a part of that discussion.

#portcity is our way to build dialogue around the Port and the city as a whole. Saint John is a port city, known as the Port City to people in the region.

This hashtag for networks like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and eventually, Facebook is our hub for building engagement and discussing issues unique to Saint John.

The #portcity blog is another social hub for us. Keep an eye out for scheduled video updates, news, tours through our facilities, conversations with key players at Port Saint John and more.

We want to hear from you. It’s your #portcity too.

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