East meets west

East met west this week as representatives from New Brunswick headed to Calgary to sell Saint John.

The trip gave western oil companies a chance to learn more about Saint John as a destination for western crude. Earlier this spring, TransCanada announced an open season to get long-term commitments from interested parties for the Energy East Pipeline Project.

Jim Quinn, president and CEO; Peter Gaulton, chair of the Board of Directors and Craig Estabrooks, manager of communications and government relations represented Port Saint John. The delegation was led by Saint John mayor Mel Norton, provincial Minister of Energy Craig Leonard and Rodney Weston, Member of Parliament for Saint John.

“As our mayor said throughout the trip, we wanted to share the love. We want these oil companies to know how welcome western crude is in Saint John. We made some great connections on our trip and I look forward to seeing how the Energy East project progresses,” Estabrooks said.

Over the two days the group met with dozens of potential industrial users of the proposed pipeline. Port Saint John’s goal was to make potential users more familiar with Saint John and our Port’s marine capabilities. The group also met with members of the media throughout the trip.

“We are home to a tried and tested oil handling facility, with a great partner in Irving Oil. Port Saint John is truly an established port, with proven abilities and the connections to make a pipeline thrive,” Estabrooks said.

Port Saint John has over half a century of experience importing and exporting petroleum cargo. We’re also by far the country’s largest oil port, with world-class towing services, skilled harbour pilots and a history of excellence in safety and environmental security.

To read more about Port Saint John and the Energy East Pipeline Project, read “Port Saint John is ready for this pipeline” by president and CEO Jim Quinn. The commentary first appeared in the Telegraph-Journal on April 6.  

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