Container traffic is way up at Port Saint John

ImageMid-way into 2013, container traffic tonnage at Port Saint John has already doubled last year’s numbers for the same period ending in June.

This means that year-to-date, container tonnage is up 100 per cent over the first six months of 2012.

In May of last year, the world’s second largest shipping line began calling Port Saint John. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) offers weekly container service to over 350 ports worldwide. Port Saint John has also been working with Tropical Shipping for the past 11 years. Celebrating 50 years in business this year, Tropical offers weekly container service to Florida and the Caribbean.

“We are obviously very pleased with these results. The fact that New Brunswick and regional container shippers and receivers can access the world through Port Saint John is a great catalyst for further economic growth. We look forward to strong performance for the remainder of this year as well,” said Andrew Dixon, senior vice-president of planning and development at Port Saint John.

For our readers who aren’t familiar with shipping containers, these large, reusable steel boxes are used to transport goods around the world. At Port Saint John, food, wood products and more are shipped in containers. Containers are also designed to be transported by rail, truck or marine vessels. 

Port Saint John is Eastern Canada’s largest port and has a diverse cargo base, handling over 30 million metric tonnes of cargo annually, including dry and liquid bulk, break bulk, containers, and cruise. With global connections to over 350 ports around the world, Port Saint John is easily connected via several transportation corridors to central Canadian inland markets by rail and road. Our port is a facilitator of trade and a part of Canada’s Atlantic Gateway, providing a marine gateway to global markets.

3 thoughts on “Container traffic is way up at Port Saint John

  1. We have a great Port and we should be very proud of
    the mount of Cargo that goes through our Port, both exporting and importing

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