Community in bloom

A stretch of green space on the west side of the Port is blooming with activity.

The Port property is being turned into a community garden by the devoted team at the Carleton Community Centre. The centre is home to the Marketplace Wellness Centre, a hub for health and wellness on the west side.

A community garden had always been a dream of the wellness advisory committee for the centre. On Saturday, they celebrated their achievements by unveiling the garden and throwing a healthy barbecue for the neighbourhood.

The community garden will initially house 28 plots, with six raised and fully accessible beds. Nearby St. Patrick’s School will have their own plot so children can plant and harvest fresh vegetables, while learning about agriculture in the process. More plots will be added as the garden grows.

The committee will also have a few plots of their own, with their harvest donated to the food bank.

“Our dietitian will teach cooking classes, preserving and canning using harvested veggies. The garden will be an area for community to gather and will promote healthy eating, physical activity, mental fitness. Community gardens are not a hand out, but go one step further and provide those living in priority neighborhoods with a hand up,” Jill Roberts, one of the organizers, said.

Volunteer Harry Cross and the wellness committee have been the driving force behind the garden, met with great support from the community. 

The unveiling of the garden was accompanied by a $3,000 donation from provincial Minister of Healthy and Inclusive Communities Dorothy Shephard, as well as donations from the Fundy Wellness Network and Home Depot.

We can’t wait to see this “before” photo become an “after.”


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