Exercising the Port Security Plan

Today, Port Saint John and regional partners are exercising the Port Security Plan.

The exercise is all about identifying threats and mitigating them in a safe and controlled environment. This type of exercise is completed once a year, with the participation of partners like the Public safety Canada, Transport Canada, terminal operators, Saint John Fire Department, Saint John Police Force and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

The tabletop exercise will be happening throughout the day at the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal.

“It’s a controlled exercise in the sense that there’s a third party who will run the exercise. Today, it will be Emergency Solutions International. We like to work closely with our first responders and agencies like police & fire departments– typically the people we’d be working alongside in the event of a real security event or emergency. We’re please to work with partners and stakeholders in this exercise,” Capt. John McCann, vice-president of operations, infrastructure and Harbour Master, said. McCann is the Port’s Security Officer. In this role, he is given limited information about the nature of the exercise before it happens to help simulate an actual emergency.

He said the security exercise is valuable because it allows the Port and partners to see the Port Security Plan in action. It is a chance to dissect how the exercise went and what can be improved upon in future.

It’s also a test in how Port Saint John communicates in the event of an emergency.

The third-party observers from Emergency Solutions International provide valuable feedback at the end of the exercise.

“We take it seriously and want to get the most value out of it. We’re making sure our procedures are current and working collectively with people who make our Port and city a more secure place to live,” McCann said. 

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