Fire safety means Port safety


As with any major industry, ports come with their share of risk.

Today, Port Saint John made a commitment to reducing risk and keeping our community safe.

The Port is contributing $75,000 to the Saint John Fire Department’s (SJFD) training centre on Grandview Avenue. The funds will support the Grandview Avenue Emergency Services Building, offering training to SJFD personnel, other municipalities and businesses.

The announcement was unveiled Thursday morning during a safety exercise held on Port property.

We have an excellent record of safety and a commitment to keeping that record strong. Supporting our local fire department and ensuring this community continues to have world class emergency responders is vital,” Jim Quinn, president and CEO of Port Saint John, said.

The Port deals with high-risk cargo on a regular basis, including energy products. Ensuring the city’s 136 fire fighters and 30 relief personnel have up-to-date training is essential to the safety of the Port and surrounding community.

“Our Board of Directors recognizes the value of emergency preparedness and are pleased to support this initiative which will prepare local firefighters even more thoroughly for not only potential industrial incidents but also for their excellent service to the entire City of Saint John,” noted Peter Gaulton, chairman of Port Saint John.

The Live Fire Emergency Training Structure is a simulation-based training module that will allow SJFD firefighters to more efficiently and effectively respond to land based ship board fire and rescue events specific to passenger or cargo ships. Part of the module contains ship doors, stairwells, narrow hallways, engine compartments and the international ships connection on the deck of the ship.

The presentation was accompanied by a live rescue simulation in which Port Saint John board director Al McNulty and Port president and CEO Jim Quinn were rescued from the roof of the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal by SJFD’s Ladder Tower 1, a 114-foot rescue ladder. The ladder also reaches downward, capable of rescuing someone in need in the harbour, for example.

The Grandview Avenue Emergency Services Building is expected to open in May of this year.


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