Smart buoy for a safer Port

Buoys are a Maritime fixture; bright colours, bobbing in the water, helping seafarer’s navigate.
Now, they are getting smarter.

Port Saint John just announced $91,000 in funding for a SmartATLANTIC Buoy.

This is another step toward strengthening our country’s tanker safety system. The buoy will provide accurate and real-time meteorological/hydrological data that will be used to produce high-resolution forecasts of weather and sea conditions. The data will be used to help guide vessels more safely to their destination, as well as contribute to valuable scientific research on the Bay of Fundy.

“As with any major industry, ports come with their share of risk. We have an excellent record of safety at Port Saint John and a commitment to keeping that record strong,” Peter Gaulton, chairman of Port Saint John’s Board of Directors, said at the announcement.

In addition to the Port’s contribution, Transport Canada will Transport Canada will contribute up to $185,000 under the Gateways and Border Crossings Fund. The Province of New Brunswick is also contributing $91,000, with AMEC Environment & Infrastructure providing in-kind services of $30,000. The Canadian Marine Pilots’ Association will be providing in-kind services of $8,000.

The total project cost is approximately $417,000.

The SmartATLANTIC buoy will also help minimize the potential for incidents, reduce the risk of an oil spill, and help support the region’s ship-based trade in energy products such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) and petroleum products.
This announcement is the second contribution to risk-management the Port has invested in this year. In May, the Port announced $75,000 in funding for the Saint John Fire Department’s Grandview Avenue training facility – complete with a ship rescue training module.

The marine transportation community, commercial fishers, recreational boaters and researchers will be able to access this highly valuable, real-time information to more accurately forecast wind, wave and ocean currents. It will not only help improve safe navigation and environmental protection, but it will also maximize the efficiency of commercial traffic using the Port Saint John, and lower costs for the marine industry in the area.

“Advancing technology is critically important to a growing port because it allows for more efficient and cost-effective operations for vessels arriving and departing Port Saint John,” Jim Quinn, president and CEO of the Port, said.

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