PEVOM8 Samuel de Champlain students complete their two-port tour this week

When is a car wash not just a car wash?

When it’s a PEVOM8 project!

PEVOM8 is an entrepreneurship initiative that sees grade eight students at Centre Scolaire Samuel de Champlain develop and implement small business ideas to raise funds for a trip to Montreal at the end of the school year.

Almost 50 students traveled to Montreal this week, having exceeded their fundraising goal this year.

Port Saint John and the Port of Montreal co-sponsored the program, which included port tours in both locations. .

“The students visited us in April,” says Paula Copeland, Manager of Corporate Communications & Governance at Port Saint John. “They saw our operation from bulk and breakbulk to containers and cruise on both sides of the harbour.  Through this they learned of the importance of a Port to New Brunswick’s export-driven economy.”

This week they’ll have a similar tour of Port of Montreal.

“The Port of Montreal is proud to support activities that deepen students’ knowledge about port activities and that could also, by the same token, perhaps spark an interest for a marine career,” said Sophie Roux, Vice-president, Public Affairs at the Montreal Port Authority. “I hope the PEVOM8 students’ visit to the Port of Montreal will achieve this and more!”

Eric Levesque, grade eight teacher and PEVOM8 program coordinator, is looking forward to giving his students the chance to see how the two different ports work with their respective cities.

“For us, the involvement between the two ports means that our students will be able to see how both ports contributed differently to the development of the two cities,” says Eric Levesque, teacher and PEVOM8 program coordinator. “It also will permit students to see different types of businesses within each city.”

“We were so pleased to be able to work in partnership with Centre Scolaire Samuel de Champlain and Port of Montreal on this,” says Copeland. “An opportunity like this one is completely win-win: the students will have a great experience, and we have the chance to promote inter-port relationships with another of Canada’s 18 Canada Port Authorities.”

The students will be posting photos of their trip to Montreal on their Facebook page: Les entreprises PEVOM 8.

Prevom8 April 2015

Centre Scolaire Samuel de Champlain students during visit to Port Saint John in April 2015.

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